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KD11 Harkaway - Charity Number: 524631| GSL - Leo Stockford | Webmaster | Approved by Kidderminster Scout WebTeam


Nothing at all has been discovered about this number until it was given to th present group Harkaway. This group has a curious history. Registered at HQ 26/9/1935 (17401) it was named Chaddesley Corbett and was in the Bromsgrove Association, despite the fact that the area was proper to Kidderminster. The Reason for this was, that the S.M was H.r Oldnall and at that time he was District Commissioner for Bromsgrove. When he transferred as District Commissioner for Kidderminster, the group transferred with him. At this time the group was based on the home of H.R. Oldnall at The Mearse, Harvington, which seems may have some connection with The Harkaway Hunt and hence chosen as the name of the group. H.R. Oldnall became a master at King Charles’ School and many of the Scouts attended there. The Headquaters were moved to The Oaklands, Greenhill, (Sports ground of Messrs. Tomkinson) during the last war, moving to their present HQ after it. For some time during the war, F.C Mears was Scoutmaster and he was followed by G.H. Carter. Others have been W. Ovens, and G. Jones. **********

As changes in registration were suspended during the war, it was not until 1947 that the name Harkaway was recorded at HQ.